Manila Tour: The Philippines in a Nutshell

Whether in the Philippines for only a short period or planning to stay for quite some time, PSET's "The Philippines in a Nutshell" tour is a must-take as it actually is a crash course on Philippine history and current social realities - absolutely beyond the usual, trivial and/or commercial packaging of the Philippines.

Lasting an average of three days, the standard tour starts off with a viewing of the Philippines’ rich pre-colonial heritage at the National Museum, a stroll around Intramuros the old walled center of commerce and seat of power during the Spanish occupation and throughout the colonial period, and a look into the memoirs and teachings of Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and the great heroes of the Philippine Revolution.

Fast forward to contemporary history, the tour takes you to government institutions such as the Philippine Congress to have a glimpse of how the country has been run since the end of colonization. The tour also features a visit to nearby communities for a feel of current social realities and to have meaningful interactions with ordinary Filipinos – the urban poor, the workers, and former peasants who have settled in the city in search of greener pastures. The tour also includes sunset viewing by the Manila Bay and food tripping and handcrafted souvenir shopping at Quiapo market. It concludes with a reflection and evaluation session over a simple Filipino dinner.

Price depends on the number of persons and preferred tour duration (whole week, whole day, half day) and includes transportation costs, tour guide’s fee, all entrance fees

Good news! Because this is an educational and solidarity tour, we want to make sure that our tour participants get to understand the inputs very well and meaningfully engage (and have fun too!) with our tourguides and the local people. Thus, we do not overcrowd :-)

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