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Heritage Tour

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Study Tour

Our week- or month-long study tours aim to develop deeper understanding of a specific theme or issue in a particular sector, community or group of communities. These include basic orientation on the Philippines – its history, national situation, peoples’ struggles, and background of the issue or theme of study. Substantial time will be devoted to exposure in local communities directly affected by or engaged in the issue or theme of the study. Participants are hosted by academic institutions, CSOs, and communities during the exposure visits and will be provided with study guides and materials. Readmore.


This program usually takes 3-6 (or more) months and is designed for students who want to apply and improve their skills and knowledge in a way that benefits communities in need, instead of big for-profit companies and corporations. Programs may be customized to suit both the student and the host community and organization’s needs. Readmore

Solidarity Visit

PSET’s Immersion Program lasts for 1-3 months and is designed for individuals who want to be equipped with and share in-depth and substantial knowledge, skills and attitudes in the life situation and struggle of a community. It takes and enables visitors to develop deep bonds and understanding of the various marginalized sectors of Philippine society, and is therefore very useful for those who do development, policy, social research, international solidarity work, or anybody wanting to be opened up to the realities on the ground and make a difference out of their travel.